Drive Foundation

Extending beyond her music, Michelle speaks openly and honestly about her struggles with alcohol abuse and depression in hopes of raising awareness of and dismantling the stigma around mental health and the havoc it can wreak. Spending years of her life using alcohol as an escape mechanism from her depression and ultimately, her reality, Michelle became a shell of a human, so disengaged and numb to her life it was as if she ended each day lying on her back staring blankly at the stars, completely removed from the world. Feelings of worthlessness and self-hate were all too overwhelming and she was no longer in control of herself. She hit rock bottom.

For years, she was in absolute denial of her self-inflicted physical pain and the depressive thoughts that flooded her mind. It wasn’t until she finally surrendered to the fact that she needed help, that she saw herself clearly, and it was within this space of surrender and acceptance that she not only started her journey to recovery, but she found a true and honest purpose for her life.

Michelle has established the Drive Foundation which harnesses the therapeutic and communicative power of media and cultural arts for the clear purpose of raising awareness and encouraging men and women to better understand and accept their mental health struggles so that they too can surrender and move towards recovering in self-loving and compassionate ways. The Drive Foundation allows those suffering to be vulnerable with their experiences and share their life story free of personal, peer and societal judgments.

“It is my purpose to carry a message of strength and hope to those who are suffering as I once was – Michelle Titian #reachforhelp”

Through the Drive Foundation, people can learn more about who to contact and what services are available to help them get started with their recovery journey.